Recursos: Semana da Transição Interior da Transition Network, 20-14 de Abril, 2015

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Inner Transition week: intro by Sophy Banks

Rob Hopkins on how Inner Transition changed his life

Fiona Ward on transforming ourselves and our local economies from the inside out

Hide Enomoto on Inner Transition in Japan (interview by Michelle Denton)

Sophy Banks about Inner Transition without borders

Videos mencionados nos artigos

What is Inner Transition? (3’43)
Sophy Banks

Are we personally resilient? (3’29)
Sophy Banks, Suzanne Dennis, Rosie Bell (Transition Town Totnes), John Allan (Transition Tring), Louise Walker (Transition Heathrow), Jonathan Blease (Transition New Forest)

How Inner Transition can avoid burnout (4’38)
Sophy Banks, membros Transition Heathrow, Josué Dusoulier (Reseau Transition Wallonie, Bélgica), Debbie Warrener (Londres)

Why Transition Finsbury Park set up “Macey Mondays” (9’19)
, Debbie Warrener
Grupos de suporte permanentes para líderes na Transição

History of the Inner in Transition (o seu “nascimento” em Totnes) (25’03)
Hilary Prentice, Sophy Banks

How Inner Transition facilitates public events – especially the controversial ones  (4’15)
Sophy Banks

Tools for hosting public events: Open Space (5’30)
Sophy Banks